Complete Cycle #2- Science & Fine Arts

Complete Cycle #2- Science & Fine Arts


This package contains the following packages.

Class - a multi-unit set for a Classroom of 8.

Demonstration - materials for teacher-led demonstration:

Shipping and Handling Included


Science--- Cycle 2--

Week 1--Shaded and Same Place                     

2 thermometers                                                   

9Ft Rope   

Week 2-Mirage and Distortion                      

Walnut size piece of modeling clay                  

Small clear bowl                                                   


Pitcher for Water                                       


1 sheet of white paper                                      


Magnifying Glass    

Week 3-See Through                                    


White Poster Board                                      

Metal spoon

Black Marking Pen                                           

Straight Pin                                                    


Week 4-On The Move And Speedy

Round Cake Pan


1 Sheet of Construction paper

1 marble

1 metal washer

3 feet of string

Week 5-Expanding in and out


1 meter of string

Masking Tape

Thread Spool

9” Round Balloon

Black marking pen


Week 6-Cover Up and Thick

Desk Lamp $7.99  (can be purchased separately. Not included )


Wax Paper 

Week 7-Sun Prints

Sun Print Kit-12 sheets + Acrylic Cover  

Dishpan for Water  

Simple Objects-Leaves, Small Toys, Action Figures for Class 

Week 8-Proportional Solar System

Beach Ball 

Dime Size Bead

200 Marbles of Various Sizes

2 golf balls

2 Tennis Balls

20 ft. Tape Measure 

Flexible Wire (For rings around Planets)   12 feet

Week 9-Rockets

Rocket Kit-Estes Nike-X Flying Model Rocket Kit 7259

Week 10-Facility Clean Up

Clean Your Community!

Week 11-Solar System Model

Two options:

Older Students                                                                     

Large Black Construction Paper (18”)                         

Yellow Construction Paper (Sun)                                



Small Dome Shaped Half Jewels

Medium Half Jewels 


Large Half Beads   

Large Half Marbles  

Younger Students

Premeasured Black Paper

Yellow Construction Paper 

Small Planet Stickers  

Week 12-Constellations

Black Construction Paper

Glow in The Dark Craft Paint  (4 ounces)

Star Stickers included for Free!!

Week 13-Spoon Bell and Humming Glass

Metal Spoon                                                  

Stemmed Glassware

Kite String (30 Inches)                                   

Dishwashing Liquid                                       

Tap Water (Not Included)

Large Pan 

Small Shallow Bowl


Week 14-Cold Foot and Pepper Run

Aluminum Foil    5 feet 

Rug Sample   

Black Pepper 

2-Quart Bowl 

Liquid Detergent 



Week 15-Bottle  Organ

6-Small Mouth Bottles of Comparable Size 

Metal Spoon

Week 16-Shape Up and Break Through

Card Table-Not part of the kit price but can be purchased separately for $49.99

2 Books of equal thickness-Not Supplied

2 Equal Size Jar Lids


Masking Tape 

2 sheets of Typing Paper 



Cellophane Tape 

Week 17-Energy Change and Snap

8 ounce Paper Cup

Ruler with a Center Groove



Book-Not included


Typing Paper

Unopened Can of Soda  

Week 18-Lifter and Ramp

Large Screw


Sheet of Paper


Cellophane Tape

Week 19-Paper Airplanes

Construction Paper 

Paper Airplane Book

Week 20-Straw Bridge

Older Students                                                

50 Drinking Straws                                         

200 Rubber Bands                                        

Play Dough 

Younger Students

Mini Marshmallows


Week 21-Tower Construction

Drinking Straws

Masking Tape

Week 22-Popsicle Stick Catapult

Craft Sticks (7 per student) 

Rubber Bands  

Mini Marshmallows to serve as Projectiles

Small Bottle Cap (Book says optional) Included for free

Week 23-Egg Protector

50 Craft Sticks    

Rubber Bands 

12 Napkins 

Plastic Egg for Practice 

Week 24-Outdoor Contest

Completed Projects from Weeks 19-23


Art—Cycle 2—                 

Week 7-Tin Whistle-PDF File

Week 8-Dynamics-PDF File

Week 9-Note Values and Staff-PDF File

Week 10-Rhythym-PDF File

Week 11-Note Name and Scales-PDF File

Week 12-Review and Celebration-PDF File

Week 13-Rembrandt

8-Drawing paper-One piece per student


Small Lamp-Optional-For Older Students to Complete “Shadowy Faces” $7.99 (WM)


Week 14-Gainsbororough

For the landscape painting                                                 For the Portrait Drawings

Large Drawing Paper                                                            Drawing paper

Tempera Paints-16 oz                                                          Marking Pens                                                 

Jar for Rinsing Brushes                                    

Newspaper to cover work area 

Week 15-Degas

Resist in Motion                                                                 Chalk on Cloth                                                                                                                                

Heavy Paper, Lightweight Cardboard                             Bowl (For milk)

White Drawing Paper                                          Colored Pastel Chalks (asst’d)

Pencils                                                                                     Newspaper

Crayons                                                                                   Aluminum foil

Tempera Paint - 16 oz.                                            Clothing Iron (Optional)

Wide, soft paintbrush                                        12” square of white canvas

Week 16-Monet

Dabble in Paint

Tempera Paints-16 oz.                                                        Jar for Water


Large, Heavy White Paper                                                 Postcards by Monet

Week 17-Marisot

Tempera Paints -16 oz.

Jars for mixing 

Texture materials:  salt, white flour, glitter and sawdust –Bag of mixture

Heavy paper

Popsicle Sticks

Week 18-Van Gogh

Impasto                                                                           Starry Night

Tempera Paint -16 oz.                                                 Black Construction paper

White Flour (to mix in Tempera paint)                    Paper Scraps

Cups for mixing paint                                                Tempera Paint (White/Yellow)

Spoons                                                                    Postcard of starry night

Polystyrene trays                                           

Popsicle Sticks                                                               

Large white paper


Week 19-Classical and Romantic

No Supplies Needed

Week 20-Bethoven

No Materials Needed

Week 21-Brahms

No Materials Needed

Week 22-Dvorak

No Materials Needed

Week 23-Orchestra

No Materials Needed

Week 24-Review

No Materials Needed


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