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"Science Kits That Make Science Fun!"

Created By Teachers. Tested By Students.

At Insight To Learning, our goal is simple: Get students to love science by creating fun and interactive science projects that capture the attention of even the youngest minds. At Insight To Learning, we believe every child is a scientist. Every child yearns to learn and explore the world in which we live, they just need the proper tools.


Our kits provide age appropriate science experiments that allow children to develop a strong science foundation from which to build upon. Each kit and each grade build upon the previous lessons and reemphasize the important points of each topic.

Each kit also comes with enough classroom materials for 25-30 students, so even the biggest classes have enough materials for everyone to participate. 

For the home school student, we can customize each kit and send enough material for just one student if requested.

Shaping Minds


When you purchase science kits from Insight To Learning, you are not only shaping young minds, you are also helping the community. All of our kits are assembled at Adelante Development Center, a nonprofit agency that provides individualized support services for over 900 New Mexicans with mental, physical and developmental disabilities.


Our mission is to provide engaging scientific and academic activities and materials to young students in order to stimulate and expand the learning experience.   We are committed to helping students develop a passion for continued learning throughout their lifetime.


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